Schedule / Locations of classes

Monday Dance specials
Style & trendy beginners
7.10 pm
8.10 pm

Viso Cor Mariae
Kasteelstraat 44, party hall
9660 Brakel

Tuesday Dance specials
Style & trendy beginners
Standard & Latin silver / gold level
7.10 pm
8.10 pm
9.10 pm

Regina Caeli
Rozenlaan 45 - Open Ruimte
1700 Dilbeek (ring exit 13)

Thursday Wheelchair dancing 7.30 pm

Zonnig Leven
Jan Vanderstraetenstraat 198
1600 Sint-Pieters-Leeuw (Zuun)

  Extra Muros on request  

Starting dates can be obtained on demand!

Please state the class location.

The extra muros activities, like dance evenings, festivities and serveral trips, will be communicated to the members.