Frequently asked Questions



This varies according to the style of dancing. If you are single, contact us for further information.


Dancing is for erveryone and, whatever your age might be, you will be welcome and will be able to enjoy the company.


The hardest part about learning to dance is the initial decision to get start. Many people are reluctant to take lessons because they think they have two left feet. This is a widespread misconception. Anyone can learn to dance! All it takes is time, patience and a good coach.


If your dance goal is to be a good dancer on social or lounge parties, wedding receptions, gala balls, dance sport events, etc, the solution may be to follow the dance lessons "Style and Trendy" for beginners. With this program, we teach all the dances you need.


Wear comfortable shoes and clothing. Shoes with leather soles are preferable. For more advanced dancers in the standard and Latin sessions, professional dance shoes are a good choice.


The course "Style and Trendy" starts in the month September, January and April. It is also possible to start on dates various for half series.


There is a contract rate per series or half series according to the number of lessons and other circumstances.
There are special prices for children, students and groups.


Yes, the most important thing is not the spoken language but the body language from the teachers and students. Don't forget: only practice makes perfect!


Yes, contact Handy Dance Brussels



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