Happy Dance aims its services at companies, administrative services, universities, conservatories, institutions, homes for the elderly, private associations, directors of films and shows.
You can come to us for dance introductions, teambuilding events, workshops, coaching, choreographic support et alů...Belgium & worldwide .


Private lessons are available by appointment and are tailor made to each individual, couples, group and school requirements. Intra and extra murros.


May I have this dance... for the rest of our lives?
Start your married life off on the right foot!

One of the most memorable days of your life is your wedding day. We can help you with every detail to help make that day even more special by helping you develop poise and confidence as you dance your first dance together as husband and wife.

We will help you design a personalized dance that incorporates your unique personality.
if your choice of music is not a dance number, we will advise you on a range of alternative options.

We give you all the information you need, p.ex.:
when and how to come on the dance floor, how to avoid the wedding gown ending up between the groom's knees during the dance, the foot positions, how to take up hold, how to make your dance look natural, comfortable, relaxed and confiden, and avoid your presentation to look too staged or over-orchestrated, when and how to end the dance, when and how to bring other guests on the floor, how to manage a smooth transition from the wedding dance to the wedding party, how to best present the dancing for a video and so on.

It's your day, so what not make it extra special for you and extra memorable for your guests with a group lesson?

Happy Dance at your service!


Our qualified dancing teachers have a long experience in creating choreographies for film, television, theatre, schools and groups.